Introducing Flat Pro Made Fans


Introducing an industry first: Flat Pro Made Fans

Launching Friday 23rd June

Flat lashes have been around for a while, however, Flat Pro Made Fans are NEW to the industry and we are the first lash brand in the UK if not the world to launch them.

The popularity of flat lashes is driven by the desire to achieve fuller, more voluminous eyelash extensions, and we totally understand why!

If you wondered what made Flat Pro Made Lashes different, we have the answers, here are just some of the benefits to Flat Pro Mades:

Unique Easy Flat Technology

Flat lashes are often described as "weightless" because they are designed to be lighter compared to traditional round lashes, Flat Pro Mades are no different!

The fibres have been specifically chosen by our experienced development team here at LB HQ, meaning that these Flat Pro Made Lashes have been created using our very own, unique, Easy Flat technology ensuring that the lashes are light and soft and do not feel heavy on the natural lashes.

Faster application

One of the significant benefits of Flat Pro Made fans is the time-saving aspect.

These Flat Pro Made Fans come ready to use, eliminating the need to manually create volume fans. This speeds up the overall application time, meaning more time to spend working on your business, taking a break or even (if you fancy) booking in an extra client.

Plus making Flat Pro Made fans yourself is extremely difficult (due to them having a flat base, not round like traditional lashes) and is something we don’t actually recommend.

Enhanced Volume

Flat lashes are wider compared to traditional round lashes. This design allows for increased surface area and more contact with the natural lash, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous look.

Our all NEW INDUSTRY FIRST, Flat Pro Made Fans, come in 3 different styles, 3D Hybrid Fans, 4D Fans and 6D Camellia Fans (see images below)