What is the trick to putting on false eyelashes?


Tips for using false lashes

Choose lashes

Molinar uses three main types of false eyelashes – individual single lashes, individual flare lashes, and strip lashes. Single lashes are applied one at a time and are mostly used by professionals. Flare lashes are applied individually, but each cluster has between three to eight lashes. Strip lashes, which are full strips of lash hairs, are most commonly used at home.

When asked if lashes look best on particular eye shapes, Molinar said that lashes are for everyone, including all face and eye shapes. However, he warned that the length and volume shouldn’t be over-exaggerated, or they will overpower the eye. 

Molinar also gave excellent advice to anyone trying lashes for the first time. “Pick an elegant occasion to use false eyelashes to vamp your look for the evening since they add drama to any look. But I wouldn’t wear them to a job interview. Also, keep in mind they should enhance your look, not overpower it.” 

Trim lashes

No face and eye shape are exactly the same, which means one pair of lashes isn’t going to look good on everyone right out of the box. Trimming is the key to getting that natural look. Don’t be nervous about hacking off part of your lashes because Molinar has a tried and true tip – trim lashes with nail clippers. However, be sure to trim them in the shape of a fan.

Start with your real lashes

Before applying falsies, it’s essential to prep your real lashes. Molinar suggested brushing mascara on your natural lashes first and never on false lashes. Also, it needs to be a water-based mascara. If your false lashes always seem to separate, this could be the issue. “Oil-based mascara can cause lashes to separate because the oil is a solvent between the false eyelashes and the false eyelash glue,” he said.

Apply false eyelashes

Applying lashes will depend on the type of lashes you choose, but Molinar’s number one tip is to make sure your glue dries clear. Seeing glue will ruin any cohesive makeup look. When adhering to false lashes, keep your eyes open while looking down, placing the falsies on the top of your lash line. An eyelash applicator will help to fuse natural lashes and false eyelashes together. Molinar also suggested using liquid eyeliner to complete your eyelash look and help the lashes blend even more.

Remove and clean lashes

The best way to remove false eyelashes is to move them from the inner eye to the outer eye and use eye makeup remover to loosen the glue. Molinar stressed the importance of removing lashes gently and cleaning them after each use. “Make sure you wash your lashes after use and store them back in the case,” he said. “Dirty lashes tend to irritate eyes and can cause hair lice to breed.”