why do beauty training or engaged in beauty industry become an irresistible trend?


In recent years, beauty ciliary training is getting more and more prosperous, there are many joining brands and product technology in the market, of course, there are also a lot of people wait-and-see and curious: in the end, can beauty ciliary training or beauty ciliary industry can develop prosperously ? why do beauty training or engaged in beauty industry become an irresistible trend?


Factors affecting the durability of eyelash grafting of lashes

1. Quality of beauty eyelash products. Product quality is the basis of lasting, but to judge the quality of a box of eyelashes and some eyelash auxiliary tools can not only rely on lasting. The length, thickness and curvature of the eyelash itself, the performance of the glue, the composition of the cleaner and the composition of the protective essence all need to be considered.

2. Correct operation method. If just a few days the beauty lashes have fallen off, the most common reason is the eyelash distribution bifurcation, no clean lashes before grafting,  unproper eyelash care after grafting and so on.

3. Attention to maintain the beautiful lashes. If you do not pay attention to the daily habits and cleaning and maintenance of perfect eyelashes, it is easy to cause messy shape and fall off. For example habitually touch eyelash with finger, with oily discharge makeup product to wait a moment.

Generally, its better to buy the famous product in the market. do not buy cheap goods in order to save money, the bad reputaion made the loss outweighs the gain!


Correct concept of beautiful lashes:

Beauty lashes are cosmetics that beautify eyelashes, just like eyelashes. It's more of a cosmetic, to help you correct your eye shape, enlarge your eyes, brighten your eyes, and finally to help you make a good look. The right beauty care and grafting process will help you better protect your eyelashes!


The best time to keep beautiful lashes:

Generally speaking, beautiful lashes should be removed after about 4 weeks on the hand. This will not affect the health of eyelashes themselves, but also maintain the best state of beautiful eyelash style.

Ciliary beauty is a career that can make our female friends become better and more beautiful. We hope that you will stay true to your original aspiration, continue to forge ahead, learn better ciliary beauty technology, and contribute more value to the global beauty cause!