The 2021 Beijing (International) Beauty Expo


The 2021AFHE Yiwu Hair Expo hosted by Zhejiang Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association concluded successfully on March 27.  Qingdao Chengxiang Hair Products Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition, we displayed the company's  various series of wig products and the popular elements of the current wig industry. Consolidating the existing cooperative relationship, it also discovered a large number of potential customers, laying the foundation for opening up new markets.



This exhibition has a strong lineup, bringing together many companies and buyers related to the wig industry and beauty products. During the epidemic, it has not only accelerated the development of various industries, but also demonstrated the country's development momentum in the beauty industry.

How to tailor solutions for customers and be able to take the initiative and gain an advantage in the battle for the market filled with gunpowder smoke is a problem that every beauty company must think deeply.

All the technical workers at the exhibition explained one by one based on their actual combat experience and years of beauty knowledge, which inspired the continuous R&D and innovation of the following companies and their faster development.

When participating in the exhibition, we were not timid to face the target customers, proactively greeted us, asked for business cards, understood the needs of the other company, and sent our company's brochures to take photos with the guests.

In the roster of about thousands of exhibitors, we have collected a number of business cards that may cooperate with our company in the future. Our enthusiastic staff communicated with exhibitors patiently. The features and advantages of the exhibits were displayed vividly and exquisitely under the wonderful explanations and demonstrations of our technical staff. Professional audiences and exhibitors at the venue showed a certain understanding of the products. A strong intention of cooperation. Through this exhibition, we have broadened our horizons, deepened the use of the company's products, the scope of application, etc., and we will be able to better serve customers in the future!